Most people walk through the world in a trance of disempowerment. Our work is to transform that into a trance of empowerment.

(Milton Erickson)



I highly recommend Gill’s services. I have personally experienced wonderful results and saw a significant positive shift within myself.


I have tried hypnosis with various practitioners in the past with no success. Gill was able to put me under a hypnotic state not one but three times.

Gill has the ability to connect, show empathy and provide a wonderful therapeutic alliance with her clients from all walks of life.

I recommend everyone to try her services.


I have had a fear of heights since I was young, and it was getting worse the older I got. Even when I watch other people on the tv my hands sweat profusely!  My fear was affecting normal day to day things: changing a light bulb, shopping – escalators were a nightmare, and I would only go to shops with stairs or an enclosed lift.


Like most things you adapt and just avoid the situations that affect you. It was only when I had my daughter and noticed a couple of the same traits in her that I knew I had passed on even though I had tried my best not to show them. It was then that I wanted to do something about it.


Gill suggested that we try hypnosis with  (CBT). I have never tried hypnosis before, but I kept an open mind as I have had CBT which was beneficial.


Our first session went well, I was relaxed, and we focused on positive experiences and a trigger word to use when I was in stressful situations. During our second session I felt I had drifted very deeply and was under hypnosis!


This was a revelation to me. I was then set small steps, using my trigger word as a mantra I went up my first escalator in years and it was a real sense of achievement to do this.


As this was my first experience into counselling, I was initially nervous and unsure of the process but I needn’t have worried as Gill was such a gentle, empathetic person that I quickly felt comfortable in our sessions.


Gill and I worked together to recognise how my internal negative thoughts about a difficult relationship had significantly impacted my day to day life. She gently led me down a path of self-discovery and always let me set the pace and depth in our sessions.

I left each session with a growing sense of hope that there were new possibilities and new ways to look at my situation. She helped me to see the value of being mindful in the present moment, even though I must confess, I was a bit of skeptic in this area at first.


Thanks Gill for all of your kindness, help and information, much appreciated.



Stuck in a toxic cycle in my relationship, I agreed to attend counselling sessions out of desperation. I really didn’t expect it to help but thought at least it would ‘keep the peace’.  How wrong I was!


With a compassionate and gentle approach, Gill provided a safe place to vent, reflect, grieve and heal. Her intuitiveness guided each session to explore a different approach to problems. Finally I started to feel like I had been given a view from above. 


Thank you Gill for providing wisdom and the strategies to implement real change.



Gill is a gentle and caring counsellor. I found her really helpful when I was wrestling with some issues relating to my work and personal life. She helped me to sort out what really mattered, and to let go of the things that didn't matter. Gill is experienced in a range of approaches and adapted these to help me work things through. I highly recommend her.